Konkankanya Agritourism
KonkanKanya Agritourism
Konkankanya Agritourism
Activities in Konkankanya
Mango Mahotsav Start from 01 June,2014 onward till available.You can buy the tasty mangoes and the varieties are:"HAPUS","KESAR","RATNA"etc.
About the tourism : It is Spread Across 70 Acers of land which is filled with MANGO , BANANA, CUSTARD APPLE, AMLA, COCONUT , SUGARCANE , CHIKO, GUAVA TREES AND 6 LAKES OF FISHERY. What is Hurda: somewhere in month of December to February tender stalks of jowar (Sorghum) are ready in farms. So these tender jowar stalks are roasted /barbecued in hot coal ashes and then the roasted tender jowar is called as HURDA. So this hurda is then served along with chutney (desiccated coconut garlic with dried red chili) and curd. Hurda is really very tasty and you and your family will really enjoy this Hurda party!
There are a plethora of activities that children can do at konkan kanya agritourism. It’s an ideal location for school trips, college study tours, NCC camps, scout and guide camps, and nature camps. Many city children are totally unaware of the farm activities. Here children get the opportunity to witness many farm based activities and implements used. They can actually use these implements and even milk a cow! It is experiential learning at its best. The children get an opportunity to play now nearly forgotten games like gotya (marbles), gilli danda, bhavara (tops) beside other facilities for outdoor and indoor games. At Konkan kanya agritourism children learn some inspiring concepts that the books will never teach that helps broaden their vision and knowledge to a great degree. List of activities children can do at the site –
  • Farm rides – tractor, bullock cart.
  • Museum of farm equipments
  • Bird watching
  • Kite flying
  • Rural games – marbles, gilli danda
  • Kandil nights
  • Animal husbandry – sheep, goats and cattle
  • Poultry
  • Nursery – flowers
  • Ample play area for kidz.
  • Boating in lake.
Konkan kanya agritourism is your perfect antidote for the problems of the tedious metro life. Adults can use the location to just get away from the grind and lose themselves to the invigorating essence of Mother Nature. They can witness or participate in various farm based activities ranging from farming, nursery, animal husbandry, poultry etc... They can enjoy the exquisite authentic local delicacies prepared. Also, they can enjoy short trails and walks in the midst of the green environments through the farms and lakes. Corporate can use the premises for their picnics, get-togethers, and training programmes. Friends can come over for a day trip, celebrate birthdays , anniversaries and agricultural tour etc.
The golden years of life often need a silver lining. It is that time of life when companionship, peace and respect often become the most crucial factors. It is that time when spending time amongst Mother Nature is extremely invigorating. But in most cases, finding the much-needed escape becomes difficult, especially for those living in the cities. Konkan kanya agritourism is the ideal destination to re live and recall their childhood.